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Russell Tanji

 Senior Consultant

Russell Tanji is retired from local law enforcement with 25 years of service. He is the Sig Sauer Asia Pacific Academy Instructor and is an Associate Staff Instructor for PPCT Management Systems Inc. He is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the leading law enforcement motor skills instructor trainer in a variety of law enforcement disciplines and is a published author and Subject Matter Expert in the field of Accelerated Learning and Law enforcement Motor Skill Program Development, Weapons Instruction and Tactics. Instructor. He holds certifications for Physical Training, Defensive Tactics, MOAB, OCAT MEB and MDTS ,ODP/ FEMA instructor in Incident Command Operations, Terrorism Operations (Anniston, Alabama), Explosives Devices (New Mexico Tech)  Hazmat Technician Level “B” and “C”, Radiation Technician, (Nevada test site) and Chemical Technician (COBRA Live agent chemical exposure certified) Anniston, Alabama.



Travis Reier

NRA Instructor/Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
Range Safety Officer

Travis has been a Firefighter and EMT II in Alaska for over ten years and joins our team as an NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  His work experience and Certification give us the capability to provide a exceptional level of safety in our remote training mission anywhere in the State.  From local checkouts, to recertification, we can bring our training to you 

Stan Steck

National Park Service Back Country Ranger (Retired)
NRA Instructor/Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
Range Safety Officer

Stan is our  real world expert on how to handle firearms in the back country of Alaska.  His expertise in this area is extensive.  Stan was the Chief Flying Ranger for Denali National Park and as such has had extensive access and experience in very demanding situations.  His ability to pass on what works and what doesn't has made him a hit with students wanting firearms qualifications as part of their job in these areas.

 Joe Weinberger

Former USAF (Ret)
Alaska Certified CCW Instructor
NRA Instructor/Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun
and Personal Protection
Sig Sauer LE Pistol Instructor
Chief Range Safety Officer

Joe is a graduate of the Sig Sauer Academy’s Instructor Program for Semi-Automatic Pistol, the DOD Law Enforcement Pistol Course, and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  He holds ratings as qualified expert in both the Air Force and Navy Combat Marksmanship programs  Joe is the primary Instructor RSTA Consultant LLC for Alaska .


Ian Rose

NRA Instructor/Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun

Ian's training and work experience and extensive Alaska hunting experience provides a genuinely unique skill set for instructing.
He is a certified NRA Instructor which allows him to bring his wealth of information to the Law enforcement and Civilian sector. His focus is on preparing for a successful shot long before you get to the field and on how to handle challenging conditions with real world techniques.


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