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Mar 2nd 5pm to 9pm.     Urban Survival (Russell Tanji)
Mar 3rd 5pm to 9pm.      Urban Survival $200

Mar 3rd 9am to 5pm      
Concealed Carry Day 1/2
Mar 4th 10am to 2pm    
Concealed Carry Day 3  $200
Mar 4
th 9am to 5pm      Basic Handgun Safety and Skills $150

Mar 28th 9am to 4pm Basic Handgun Safety and Skills $150 

Apr 7th 1pm to 5pm      Wildlife Safety Course Day 1 $300
Apr 8th 2pm to 5pm      Wildlife Safety Course Day 2

Apr 7th 9am to 1pm       Concealed Carry Day 1  $200
Apr 8th 8am to 5pm       Concealed Carry Day 2/3

May 10th/11th                 Wildlife Safety Course CLOSED

Jun 1st 9am to 5pm       Basic Handgun Safety and Skills  $150 

Jul 14th 9am to 5pm  Concealed Carry Day 1  CNX Range Closure
Jul 15th 10am to 1pm     Concealed Carry Day 2/3  $200  CNX Range Closure

Aug 4th 9am to 5pm  Concealed Carry Day 1/2
Aug 5th 10am to 2pm Concealed Carry Day 3  $200
Aug 5th 9am to 5pm    Basic Handgun Safety and Skills  $150 

Sep 7th 9am to 5pm   Basic Handgun Safety and Skills  $150 

Oct 12th 5pm to 9pm   Concealed Carry Day 1
Oct  13th 10am to 5pm  Concealed Carry Day 2  $200

Nov 6th 5pm to 9pm   Home Defense Day 1 $250
Nov 7th 5pm to 9pm   Home Defense Day 2

Dec 12th 9am to 6pm.       Range Safety Officer Certification $200

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