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Basic Handgun Safety and Skills  is designed for the shooter who has never had a formal handgun class covering basic safety, marksmanship and pistol selection. Half of the course is spent in the classroom doing hands on skill development and pistol handling drills to make the transition to range shooting both fun and seamless. Students are required to supply their own pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition.$150 Register 

Principles of Home Defense  This course is designed to increase safety and survivability in the home during a potentially violent attack. Students will learn to develop defensive strategies and practice utilizing lethal and nonlethal defensive tools to secure their home and family.  Handgun and long gun considerations will be included. Individual and “Spousal” team movements in close quarters will be covered. Low and no light situations will be practiced  $250 Register

Skills Development Clinics   These short stand alone courses are where we can really dive into such things as Marksmanship Improvement Drills, Malfunction Drills, Firearms Retention Skills and other personal protection skills.  Clinics run four hours and include Classroom, Range Time, or a combination of the two
$75 Register

Urban Survival  This 8hr course has no live fire and is held entirely at our training house and in and around Anchorage.  This course is scenario based and uses actors and simulated firearms.  The instructors for this course are experts from agencies experienced in counter surveillance and protective services.   These techniques will be employed to expand your knowledge of maintaining situation awareness and coping with life threatening situations.  $200 Register

Concealed Carry Certification  This two or three day course provides the basic knowledge and skills required to handle today's world.  Modeled after Law Enforcement methodology of placing students in realistic defensive scenarios and debriefing alternative actions and outcomes. This course utilizes realistic surroundings, and an extensive legal review of specific situations.  Course graduates qualify for an Alaska Concealed Handgun Certificate with reciprocity in many states.  Prerequisite is an understanding of basic handgun safety and skills.  Fingerprinting and photo is included and done on site. $200 Register

Basic Shotgun   This course is the foundation for safe Shotgun handling skills and covers automatic, pump and double barrel operations.   Practical exercises emphasize how to properly employ a shotgun at various targets utilizing different shot, slug, buckshot loads.  This course teaches how students train to provide repeatable results even under stress. Malfunction drills are also introduced in this class.  Students are required to supply their own shotgun and ammunition.  $150 Register

 Basic Rifle  This course is the foundation for safe Rifle handling skills and covers Bolt, automatic and pump actions.  Practical exercises emphasize how to properly employ open sights and rifle scopes at various target ranges and conditions.  This course teaches how students train to provide repeatable results even under stress. Malfunction drills are also introduced in this class.  Students are required to supply their own rifle and ammunition.  $150 Register

Bear/Aggressive Wildlife Safety  and Shotgun  This course is taken in conjunction with our Shotgun course to gain the skills necessary to safely carry and if needed employ lethal force during aggressive wildlife encounters.  The course covers wildlife awareness and behavior, including warning signs and risk assessment/responsible mitigation steps.  Stan Steck (Former Denali Park Backcountry Ranger) is the primary instructor, with Travis Reier as the primary for the shotgun training.  This is a two day course with both days spending half the day in the classroom and the other half at the range.  The cost is $4500 for up to 30 students  Cost $4500

 Carbine Rifle Operations/Advanced Carbine Rifle Operations. This course will cover basic carbine rifle operations and techniques, as well as some advanced skills. The course is designed to be flexible to the ability of the student skill level. Requires 500 rounds of ammunition and a quality Carbine Rifle and sight Cost $150

 Advanced High Performance Handgun Operations I.  This course is a non-traditional method of firearms training designed to improve accuracy and speed skills. This course was developed for Elite military and law enforcement teams, but has relevance for competition shooters as well.
Plan on shooting up to 500 rounds per day.
Cost $250 

Advanced High Performance Handgun Operations II.  This course requires completion of the  Advanced High Performance Handgun Operations I course.  Focus will be on skill refinement acquired from the first course. Introduction to unconventional shooting positions, malfunction drills, strategies and tactics for the defensive use of a pistol.   Cost $250

Precision Hunting Rifle  This course is designed for experienced rifle shooters who are desiring to take there skills to a whole new level. Course includes basic wind, elevation and range correction data and how to employ them, as well as how to properly setup a precision hunting rifle. Cost $200


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