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RSTA Alaska
2014 Calendar

See us at our booth at the JBER Safety Fair on May 22nd
and register to win free Handgun Classes.

Real Training For The Real World 


Russell S. Tanji

May 14th through 18th at the Rabbit Creek State Range!

Register online for Russell Tanji's world famous non-traditional advanced firearms skills!  Only 10 spots are available for each class and they will be sold out as in past years.

May12th / 13th Principles of Home Defense
May 14th  Introductory Handgun Safety and Skills
May 15th Advanced Carbine Rifle Operations
May 16th Introduction to Practical Pistol/Basic Holster Skills
May 17th Advanced Handgun Operations I
May 18th Advanced Handgun Operations II

Russell is the core course development instructor for several Firearms Academies and a Developmental Instructor for elite military and civilian agencies around the world.

Register for both the Advanced Handgun courses and pick one additional course for free.  This additional course can be gifted to a family member. 

 You will notice our 2014 schedule got ramped up as demand for our
Basic Handgun Safety and Skills and our Introduction to Practical Pistol courses continue to be popular.  We will continue to have our Range Days, but now include seperate Skills Development Clinics.  These short stand alone courses will be where we can really dive into such things as Marksmanship Improvement Drills, Malfunction Drills, Firearms Retention Skills and other personal protection skills.  The Range Days will continue to look like they have in the past, but with a few new twist this year (look for new targets and drills). 

We provide state of the art active/amplified noise cancelling headsets and Millitary Spec Ballistic rated  clear, amber and tinted shooting glasses, ensuring student comfort and safety for all of our courses.

Real Skills For The Real World

RSTA Alaska specializes in customizing, conducting and evaluating Basic through Advanced Firearms training. RSTA Alaska also provides security related training programs in a manner designed to minimize the ever present risk of liability through proven training programs. Our success is due to the utilization of scientifically and court recognized training programs. We also provide Facilities Risk Management Strategies for the public and private sector.

  • Basic Pistol
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Basic Rifle
  • Concealed Carry
  • Wildlife Awareness and Self Protection 
  • Introduction To Practical Pistol and Basic Holster Skills
  • Intermediate Tactical Pistol
  • Advanced Tactical Pistol
  • Tactical Carbine Course
  • Advanced Tactical Carbine Course
  • Intermediate Tactical Shotgun Course
  • Advanced Tactical Shotgun Course
  • Principled Based Tactical Carbine Course
  • Principled Based Full Automatic Weapons Course
  • Self Defense Level I
  • Self Defense Level II
  • Risk Management Program Instructor
  • Safety and Security Operations Consultant
  • Private Sector Personal Safety Instruction
  • Facilities Risk Management Consulting
(907) 229-1939
Fax (808) 456-4275


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