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August 7th
Basic & Intermediate Skills Development Clinic
10am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm

On August 7th from 10am to 1pm we will have a Basic skills clinic.  This clinic is geared toward the new shooter to pick up where our Basic Handgun course left off.  We will focus on shooting positions and grip, with a lot of trigger manipulation skills and improving your marksmanship

On August 7th from 2pm to 5pm will have an Intermediate skills clinic for graduates of our holster courses.  This clinic will focus on reviewing holster basics and allow students to start employing the firearm from concealment.   Movement, when/how will be introduced and level 1,2 and 3 malfunction clearing will all be practiced.  Again, only register for this course if you have taken our CCW course or our Basic Holster course.


Introduction To Practical Pistol  This course introduces carrying and drawing from the holster, basic defensive pistol skills and provides a warm up for the Intermediate HSLD course.   $150

 High Speed Low Drag Intermediate High Performance Pistol Operations   This course is a non-traditional method of firearms training designed to improve accuracy and speed skills for Elite military and law enforcement, as well as to prepare armed citizens to prevail in deadly force encounters.   Cost $250

 High Speed Low Drag Advanced High Performance Pistol Operations   This course requires completion of the Intermediate course or equivalent experience.  Focus will be on skill refinement acquired from the intermediate program. Introduction to unconventional shooting positions, multiple adversaries, strategies and tactics for the defensive use of a pistol. Cost $250

Urban Survival 
This 8hr course has no live fire and is held entirely at our training house and in and around Anchorage.  This course is scenario based and uses actors and simulated firearms.  The instructors for this course are experts from agencies experienced in counter surveillance and protective services.   These techniques will be employed to expand your knowledge of maintaining situation awareness and coping with life threatening situations.  Cost $150

 Russell Tanji has over 25 years of service in Law Enforcement and is a core course development instructor for several Firearms Academies and a Developmental Instructor for elite military and civilian agencies around the world.

 Contact: Joe Weinberger  (907) 229-1939                        



Please take advantage of our Basic Handgun/Concealed Carry Package.  With this, you get both courses for only $50 more than just the Concealed Carry alone.  We want to encourage new shooters to get the most out of our Concealed Carry course as the practicle drills are for Intermediate to Advanced shooters.  We will continue to have our Range Days, but now include seperate Skills Development Clinics.  These short stand alone courses will be where we can really dive into such things as Marksmanship Improvement Drills, Malfunction Drills, Firearms Retention Skills and other personal protection skills.  The Range Days will continue to look like they have in the past, but with a few new twist this year (look for new targets and drills). 

We provide state of the art active/amplified noise cancelling headsets and Military Spec Ballistic rated  shooting glasses, ensuring student comfort and safety for all of our courses.

Real Skills For The Real World

RSTA Alaska specializes in customizing, conducting and evaluating Basic through Advanced Firearms training. RSTA Alaska also provides security related training programs in a manner designed to minimize the ever present risk of liability through proven training programs. Our success is due to the utilization of scientifically and court recognized training programs. We also provide Facilities Risk Management Strategies for the public and private sector.

  • Basic Pistol
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Basic Rifle
  • Concealed Carry
  • Wildlife Awareness and Self Protection 
  • Introduction To Practical Pistol and Basic Holster Skills
  • Intermediate Tactical Pistol
  • Advanced Tactical Pistol
  • Tactical Carbine Course
  • Advanced Tactical Carbine Course
  • Intermediate Tactical Shotgun Course
  • Advanced Tactical Shotgun Course
  • Principled Based Tactical Carbine Course
  • Principled Based Full Automatic Weapons Course
  • Self Defense Level I
  • Self Defense Level II
  • Risk Management Program Instructor
  • Safety and Security Operations Consultant
  • Private Sector Personal Safety Instruction
  • Facilities Risk Management Consulting
(907) 229-1939
Fax (808) 456-4275


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