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RSTA Alaska is a small business specializing in bringing Basic to high end firearms and Personal Protection training to good citizens and select corporate/government entities.


Basic Handgun Safety & Skills $150

Alaska Concealed Carry Class
  RSTA Alaska has partnered with Legal Heat to offer CCW courses at Alaska Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse.  Please register at My Legal Heat

Urban Survival with Russell Tanji $200


Basic Handgun Safety and Skills  

This course is designed for the shooter who has never had a formal Handgun course or who wants to reinforce their skills.  Course includes Basic Safety, Marksmanship and Firearm. Cost is $150

Personal Protection/CCW Permit 

his Course uses the foundations of safe firearms handling skills  and marksmanship to introduce Holster usage and how to incorporate a firearm into your personal protection plan.  course is certified by the State of Alaska for requirements to apply for an Alaska CCW Permit and is recognized by 38 other States. Cost is $200

Urban Survival 

This 8hr course has no live fire and is held entirely at our training house and in and around Anchorage.  This course is scenario based and uses actors and simulated firearms.  The instructors for this course are experts from agencies experienced in counter surveillance and protective services.   These techniques will be employed to expand your knowledge of maintaining situation awareness and coping with life threatening situations. 

Principals of Home Defense

This course is designed to increase safety and survivability in the home during a potentially violent attack. Students will learn to develop defensive strategies and practice utilizing lethal and nonlethal defensive tools to secure their home and family.  Handgun and long gun considerations will be included. Individual and “Spousal” team movements in close quarters will be covered. Low and no light situations will be practiced.  Cost $250

Bear/Aggressive Wildlife Safety

This course is for personnel working or recreating in bear habitat to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and ethically deal with bear and aggressive animal encounters through prevention, avoidance and force.  The course includes basic shotgun and or handgun safety and skills.

The Bear Facts For Visiting Alaska's Back Country  

How to Not Get Attacked by a Bear  A National Geographic article on the basics of crossing paths with bears.                                                                           

Bear Attacks A book review on the research of 680 bear attacks in North America by renowned researchers Tom Smith & Stephen Herrero published by the "Vital Ground" organization.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game  The Essentials for Traveling in Alaska's Bear Country                                                                                               


Contact: Joe Weinberger 
 (907) 229-1939


Please take advantage of our Basic Handgun/Concealed Carry Package.  With this, you get both courses for only $50 more than just the Concealed Carry alone.  We want to encourage new shooters to get the most out of our Concealed Carry course as the practicle drills are for Intermediate to Advanced shooters.  We will continue to have our Range Days, but now include seperate Skills Development Clinics.  These short stand alone courses will be where we can really dive into such things as Marksmanship Improvement Drills, Malfunction Drills, Firearms Retention Skills and other personal protection skills.  The Range Days will continue to look like they have in the past, but with a few new twist this year (look for new targets and drills). 

We provide state of the art active/amplified noise cancelling headsets and Military Spec Ballistic rated  shooting glasses, ensuring student comfort and safety for all of our courses.

Real Skills For The Real World

RSTA Alaska specializes in customizing, conducting and evaluating Basic through Advanced Firearms training. RSTA Alaska also provides security related training programs in a manner designed to minimize the ever present risk of liability through proven training programs. Our success is due to the utilization of scientifically and court recognized training programs. We also provide Facilities Risk Management Strategies for the public and private sector.


        Alaska Concealed Carry

        Alaska does not require a permit to carry a concealed firearm

        An Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) issued through the State allows holders to carry concealed in 38 States and if issued in conjunction with a NICS Exemption, the holder is not required to undergo a NICS check prior to the transfer (purchase) of a firearm.  (National Instant Criminal Background Check)

        States Recognizing Alaska CHP
        FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check

        To obtain an Alaska CHP, you must:
        -Be 21yrs or older
        -Be a State Resident
        -Pass a State and Federal Background Check
        -Pass an approved course of fire test
        -Pass a written exam on Firearms and CHP Law
        -have completed a minimum of 12 hours instruction from a State approved instructor with a minimum of 3 hours on Use of Force law and Regulations governing CHP.

        Alaska Firearms Training/RSTA Alaska's  Concealed Carry course is approved to train, test and Certify compliance for issuance of the Alaska CHP.  In addition, we provide certified Fingerprints and Photos for the Background check and NICS exemption.  Our course meets or exceeds all requirements put forth by the State for issuance of the Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit.

        As our Concealed Carry Course incorporates extensive Personal Protection skills, we require our students to have attended a basic pistol course.  We provide or students the opportunity to attended our Introductory Handgun course for only $50.  This course provides the foundation for learning to use a handgun for defensive purposes.
(907) 229-1939
Fax (808) 456-4275


Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
7/1/2005 5:00pm Company Picnic at Shallowford Farms
7/11/2005 2:00pm Walk-a-thon for Charity
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